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    peaceful_touchPeaceful Touch is a concept that was began by the Axelsons Institute in 1996 in Stockholm, Sweden. It was intended to help spread the effects of human touch within society and especially aimed towards the younger generation to reduce and prevent violence and distress. Over the last nine years, we have firmly established the concept in Sweden as well as other Scandinavian countries. It is now used by more than 10,000 trained teachers and affects 300,000 Swedish children, from preschoolers to teens, on a regular basis. Touch is a very important part of life and has been scientificallly proven to be a crucial element for proper development of the body and its various functions. Touch has also proven to release the calming hormone, oxytocin and to decrease the stress hormone, cortisol. Peaceful Touch is based on Swedish massage techniques. It is applied with clothes on. It is a very light touch-techique that involves massage on different parts on the body as well as various “touch games”.

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    Axelsons Institute is Scandinavia's oldest and largest school for complementary and alternative medicine.


    Since its founding in 1962 the school has led the development of modern Swedish massage and body therapy techniques in Scandinavia.


    Is currently represented by eight schools in Scandinavia and one in Japan. 


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