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  • Swedish Massage

    swedish massage imageThere are hundreds of different massage techniques over the world. The vast majority have taken their bases in the classic Swedish massage (Swedish massage). It is also the one who is the most widely used method of massage in the western world and it has mainly taught in Axelsson.


    We have over the years built up an international reputation for being “the home of Swedish Massage”! Since 1962, Axelsson organized courses and training in massage. The massage taught in school is an efficient and professional massage that has become the most famous in all of Scandinavia and is widely known all around the world.


    The school’s extensive experience has provided a solid knowledge in the art of designing courses / training that will benefit both students and their prospective customers.

  • About

    Axelsons Institute is Scandinavia's oldest and largest school for complementary and alternative medicine.


    Since its founding in 1962 the school has led the development of modern Swedish massage and body therapy techniques in Scandinavia.


    Is currently represented by eight schools in Scandinavia and one in Japan. 


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    Phone: +46 8 54 54 59 00

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    Axelsons Body Work School

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